Bellona 23

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av Scott, 2014-07-08

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Års erfarenhetet av modellen:

2 år, Familjesegling

Normal besättning:

1 person(er)


Not the fastest boat, but sails fine. I have only sailed in öresund. It is a little boat, so it gets bouced around in waves, but at the same time, she seems strong enough to take it. Normal speed (for me) is around 5 to 5,5 knop, little stronger wind and the correct direction I can get to 6 knop and one time I have reached 7 knop for a brief moment. About 7-8 m/s is the perfect wind for her with all sails out She tacks pretty well, but my sails are old, so she could probably do better. She does tilt. when tacking, but let the sails out a bit and she pulls up a bit as well.

Hur det är att bo i båten:

Have slept on it with only 2 nights (1 person). I think it is luxurious for 1 person to live on.

Positiva egenskaper:

Easy to sail with 1 person. It is a big 7 meter boat. It has a lot of storage (a friend with an 11 meter boat though I had more storage than they did) and could easily sleep 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids. It would get crowded of course, but it is only 7 meters. It is my first sail boat and I am very happy with it. The only other boat I have sailed is the boat I learned on (H-båt), so I don't have so much to compare it with. Nice interior. Teak everywhere

Problem / svaga punkter:

There is a leak somewhere on the roof. Hard to find where (it might be 2 different places), but this autumn we will take everything off, and put new silicone everywhere.

Genomförda förbättringar:

New outboard motor (1st one got stolen --uggggghh), new battery, some new ropes and blocks. (just normal slitage)

Övriga kommentarer:

I have Rullfock and mainsail. I have not tried the spinnaker yet, but would like to (just need someone to show me what to do.) I have a 5hp outboard and that is the minimum I would recommend, maybe 6-7 hp would be a bit better.