Gambler 35

Åsikt inskickad

av Richard Taylor, 2006-04-27

Båtens årsmodell:


Års erfarenhetet av modellen:

1 år, Familjesegling

Normal besättning:

2 person(er)


The boat is a joy to sail, very close hauled and fast off the wind. The steering is also very good

Hur det är att bo i båten:

The boat is wonderful to live on. It has more than enough room for the two of us and can accomadate four more for week-ending.

Positiva egenskaper:

The sailing capability and the comfort below.

Problem / svaga punkter:

The only problem I've had is the keel to hull joint had a small (12") crack which I had repaired. The only other problem is that I bought the boat recently and I can't get any information on the boat. The accesories like water heater shower pump and the like I don't know what to replace.

Genomförda förbättringar:

I've added Rader, GPS and an Auto-pilot

Övriga kommentarer:

If anyone of you can help me out with information on the boat Hull #24 I sure would appreciate it.