GPS Week Roll Over Issue

Här kan man ställa alla typer av segelbåtsrelaterade frågor som inte passar i någon annan kategori
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GPS Week Roll Over Issue

Inlägg av HansH » fre 05 apr 2019, 14:08

I morgon (6 April) så inträffar GPS-systemets "nyår" då det finns risk för att äldre GPSer kan få problem. ... april.html

Furuno has stated their units will experience the rollover on March 17th, 2019, almost three weeks earlier than the published date in the notices. Furuno has a list of affected units as well as information on how to cold start the units to restore location information. It appears the date will remain wrong but the location services should function correctly. The affected units appear to all have been introduced in the early 2000s and ended sale around a decade ago.
Raymarine has posted to their forum that they are confident most of their recent hardware (Axiom, a/c/e/eS-Series MFDs and Raystar 130 & 150 GPS receivers) are unaffected.
Garmin has published a support article indicating they don’t expect trouble for their units as long as they are running current software.

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