Albin Singoalla

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av chris trott, 2014-12-31

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6 år, Familjesegling

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This is an interesting design and to get the best performance from it you have to understand its faults. The rudder and prop combination are not brilliant. the boat does carry weather helm when pressed and it is important to keep sails ballanced. If done properly she can cover the ground well and keep all safe and comfortable. The steering set up is of cables which need to be maintained well. the original mast step needs to be strengthened. Having said all of that i still love this boat greatly and find her an attractive design

Hur det är att bo i båten:

I sailed for many years on a Folkboat so a Singoalla is huge down bellow. The space is well used with plenty of storage. Engine access is great.

Positiva egenskaper:

Looks good, can sail well when you know how to. Lovely sized cockpit and decent wide side decks.

Problem / svaga punkter:

As above plus rubber framed windows which are not best suited to serious offshore sailing.

Genomförda förbättringar:

Foldind propellor, modified steering to remove slopiness. Anchor windlass and bow plank added. Mast support strengthened

Övriga kommentarer:

I understand that there were only 70 built, you are unlikely to sail past another !