Bavaria 32

Åsikt inskickad

av Harald, 2008-08-26

Båtens årsmodell:


Års erfarenhetet av modellen:

år, Familjesegling

Normal besättning:

3 person(er)


Sails fine especially with winds from the side or back. Against the wind the boat starts to sail at about 45 degrees shown on the windmeter, which is less than desired. This is with standard sails (classic type not role sails)

Hur det är att bo i båten:

Very well. Much space and many places to stow things. One misses some larger spaces to stow things that are easily accessable. Another thought is if a smaller table and a kitchen along one entire side would have been a better compromise, a matter of taste!? Like for most boats the births are too short for a >190cm person. The little space in front of the maddrass of the front cabin would have been better exploited by extending the birth.

Positiva egenskaper:

Much stowing space, sails fine with rear winds. Easy to handle except main sheet. Comfortable with warm and cold preasurized water. Space well divided.

Problem / svaga punkter:

Main sheet operates from cabin roof. Can not sail on small angles when going against the wind (with standard sails). Shower cabin floor has wrong angle so not all water disappears into sewer.

Genomförda förbättringar:

None, only rented the boat for a couple of days.

Övriga kommentarer:

Only rented the boat for a couple of days. We had nice weather, so no experience when things get rough.